Spin left or right to attack planktons with your constant stream of bubbles you leave behind. Popping planktons creates a gem for you to collect; if you collect them quickly enough you'll enter FEVER mode, granting you immense power. Once you have enough gems a dangerous boss may appear. Defeating the boss allows you to choose an upgrade: extra gems, bigger shots or a handy shield.




    • 9 unlockable characters, each with their own unique theme music

    • Game Center leaderboards (iOS only)

    • Easy viewing mode (disable backgrounds and explosions)

    • Paint mode turns the game into a drawing toy

    Price: $1.99 USD



    Fish Flys are microscopic creatures that exist in the depths of Planet Overling. They've been sent on an important mission: to take out the deadly trio that has been terrorizing their home turf.


    Will the Fish Fly make it?!


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    at Toronto Comic

    Arts Festival,

    May 13-14


    we'll be showing off Fish Fly Fever at Comics X Games!!! come meet us and get a free postcard!!! 

    the fish fly is back in a brand new
    chaotic cute-em-up...


    Available now!